Landscape Architecture • Creation/Consulting • Design/Build/Maintain • Mitigation/Remediation


RDS is a full service Landscape Architecture Design/Build/Consulting Firm, and Certified Women-Owned, Local, Small Business*, and we are proud to say that our work results in the dramatic enhancement of our urban public spaces, increasing opportunities for recreation and habitat, and providing multi-generational community connectivity.

We specialize in infrastructural improvement, urban greening, Transit Oriented Communities (TOC’s), stakeholder engagement, and multi-modal development projects.

We offer Landscape Architectural Design and Consultation Services for planting and irrigation plans, soil remediation, and stormwater management for full project delivery for the following phases:
• Conceptual/Project Engineering   • Schematic   • Construction   • Punch List   • Maintenance

We have a decades long history of professional partnerships with industry leaders and governmental agencies, and our full spectrum Certification status assists our Prime Partners in reaching their Small Business participation and procurement goals for a wide range of improvement projects, at the City, County, State, and Federal levels.

RDS is a leading expert in California native planting design and installation. We are known for our multilateral productive approach, layering the art of urban and infrastructural beautication with the science of stormwater and resource management.  Our approach is unique in that we specialize in site specific urban design applications, merging the utilization of regionally appropriate and ornamental California native species, adapted to seasonal flooding, to treat stormwater runoff, and utilizing drought tolerant species, where designs fan out from riparian edge transitions.  Our judicious attention to user experience based, vitality engendering, site amenities provides our clients with the following multilateral productive functions:
• Site condition in-situ remediation   • Bioretention and hyperaccumulation properties

We specify real-time based plant species selections procured to regenerate the restratification of biological confluences, while simultaneously, and holistically enhancing the visual appeal of public spaces.  RDS employs our layered strategies at both the macro and micro scale using proven typologies that react and respond to the site specific needs of surrounding communities, through extensive knowledge and application of industry standards and guidelines.

Our extensive experience in infrastructural improvement projects has solidified our capabilities in project management, construction administration, planning, and design, with particular attention to Stormwater Control Measures such as bioswales, dry wells, rain gardens, infiltration planters, constructed wetlands, permeable paving roadway installations, and multimodal transportation amenities such as landscaped buffered bikepaths and parklet opportunities coupled with the specification of California native plants, all working symbiotically to improve water quality and supply.

* RDS holds the following Certifications:  SBE/DBE/LBE/LSBE/LSB(Micro)/WBE/WOSB