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Technology, nature, humanity – in synergy.

Regenerative Design Studios – RDS – uses a process-oriented systems-thinking approach to Landscape Design, whose basis is derived from natural systems, in which the output is greater than the input; restores, renews or revitalizes its own sources of energy and materials, creating beyond-sustainable systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature. This system creates vibrant ecologies and exuberant cultures that continue to generate a surplus of fertility and vitality.

Emphasis on renewable energy flows, hybridized bioremediation systems, multilateral productive functions for circulation & distribution, aesthetic distinctiveness & intergenerational connectivity.

Regenerative and sustainable design techniques such as soil & climate specific species, plant communities, soil remediation, low impact & site specific design, locally sourced and manufactured materials & amenities, symbiotic ecological & sociological relationships.

Landscape design/horticultural expertise focused on indigenous and endemic, drought tolerant, low maintenance, California native ornamental plant species, Stormwater Management, Water Conservation & Reclamation Techniques applied to rainwater catchment, greywater recycling, SUSMP, LID & AB 1881, irrigation design, with an emphasis on drip irrigation, including design layout, flow calculations, hydro-zoning & evapo-transpiration rates.


It is through this model that we create and consult on designs for landscapes, including plant/amenities imagery, section-elevations, perspectives and consulting presentations and briefs, from a wide range of media, on commercial, civic, transportation and master planned projects.