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Envision our simple everyday structures, boring, plain and of singular use… A parking structure, for example…

Now expand that simple structure’s purpose to include multiple other beneficial, regenerative functions… Instead of just being an object in which cars are parked, imagine its walls and roof festooned and alive with living plant material: trees, vines, shrubs. Solar panels and wind turbines are affixed to it. Electric cars are plugged into it while they park, juicing them with electricity garnered from the systems attached to the structure. The green walls/roof host habitat and regenerate indigenous ecologies. Rainwater catchment systems stored below the structure hydrate the plants growing on it. Bioswales extend out around it to continue the purification of runoff from it. Birds and butterflies sing and fly around you and the air smells amazing… Pick an apple as you walk to work, its growing right next to your favorite parking spot!