Robin Lynch Contributes to SWAAY

Joining the national conversation on women’s professional role in America, Robin Lynch has contributed a thoughtful and in-depth article to SWAAY, the groundbreaking digital publication for women founded by former Miss New York Iman Oubou. In her article, Robin likens America’s infrastructure to its evolving social dynamics, and how her experience as a landscape design architect shaped her views.



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Bioswales – A Major Component of Holistic BMPs, Parks & Recs Business Magazine

Parks & Recs Business, a magazine distributed to industry professionals across the country, publishes: “Bioswales, An Ever-Increasing Facet in City Infrastructure Improvement Projects”, an extensive feature article detailing the importance of Bioswales, and their many varied applications.

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Regenerative Design Studios Joins The Los Angeles Conservation Corps In Restoration Efforts Along San Pedro’s Western Avenue

Regenerative Design Studios has been chosen by the Los Angeles Conservation Corps to lead the design of San Pedro’s city renovation efforts on Western Ave. between 1st and 19th Street.

A comprehensive project that will plant up to 43 flowering tree species within the medians of Western Avenue’s 18 blocks, Regenerative Design Studios will design an intricate and environmentally-friendly layout to support the urban greening of LA streets. Conceived by the Los Angeles Conservation Corps, the program is dedicated to enhancing LA’s roads with elements like trees, planted areas and bioswales. The program seeks to not only transform LA into a naturally sustainable city, but to encourage pedestrians to explore their surroundings.

Regenerative Design Studios layout includes both Chinese Fringe Trees (Chionathus Retusus) and Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia Indica), as chosen by San Pedro Councilman Joe Buscaino.

“We are excited to join this important initiative, and hope our efforts along Western Avenue in San Pedro will serve as an example for cities across Southern California,” said Regenerative Design Studios Owner, Robin Lynch, ASLA. “Our quality of life is dependent on the quality of our cities, and beautification programs like these promises to support LA’s evolving infrastructure.”

“We at the LA Conservation Corps are very happy to see this high profile Western Ave. beautification improvement moving forward,” said Larry Smith, Community Development Director for LA Conservation Corps. “It is something the community can feel proud of while building momentum for continued collaborative implementation of the many more innovative green infrastructure projects characterized in our San Pedro Urban Greening Plan.”

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Robin Lynch Discusses #LeafYourMark with Larry Marino on KRLA-AM

RDS Founder Robin Lynch joined KRLA-AM host Larry Marino to discuss the #LeafYourMark campaign. Their in-depth conversation covered how the online initiative engages the public to reinvigorate and beautify their communities.


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CBS Radio’s KNX 1070 Names Robin Lynch “Hero Of The Week”

Robin’s interview with CBS Radio KNX 1070 is now online. In case you missed last week’s live broadcast, now is your chance to hear Robin discuss #LeafYourMark, and learn how you can get involved in this exciting community campaign.


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LATV’s The Zoo Welcomes Robin Lynch!

Robin Lynch joined the hosts of LATV’s “The Zoo,” to discuss her exciting work in LA and share how viewers at home can best take of their plants.

Check it out on the official RDSLA YouTube Page!

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CBS Radio’s KNX 1070 Names Robin Lynch “Hero Of The Week”


Regenerative Design Studios founder, Robin Lynch, ASLA has been named KNX 1070’s “Hero of the Week,” for her firm’s Southern California social media campaign, #LeafYourMark. Dedicated to raising awareness about neighborhood beautification, the online initiative is bringing people together across the region to get active in improving their cities.

First broadcasted in 1920, CBS Radio’s KNX-AM is one of Los Angeles’ oldest news radio stations. Each week, they highlight an exemplary community member who’s made a difference for citizens throughout LA. #LeafYourMark was created out of a desire to energize people into becoming advocates for their neighborhoods.

Southern California has some of the fastest evolving cities in the U.S., but many of its neighborhoods are not in lock step with their large city centers. Outside of a main metropolis, it’s not uncommon to see homes standing along broken pavement, neglected public parks, and undeveloped land piled with weeds and refuse. Many people take these characteristics as a given, but #LeafYourMark gives them a platform to make their voices heard. Using the hashtag, people can share images to tell stories about their neighborhoods, and put the spotlight on areas that are otherwise not recognized by public officials or developers. In the process, people will not only find solidarity with their community, but learn how they can make a difference together.

Please join us in supporting #LeafYourMark by listening to Robin’s interview this week on KNX-AM 1070!  (Thursday, 2/23 at 3:21p & 9:21p Friday, 2/24 at 6:21p & 9:21p Saturday, 2/25 at 8:51a & 4:21p Sunday, 2/26 at 10:51a & 4:21p).

Share your #LeafYourMark story by tagging inspiring examples of installed landscape design projects in your community, or areas in need of either intensive care or remediation. As you tour your neighborhood, think about areas that can be benefitted by the shade of trees; streets or other locations that did not properly drain during the recent rain; or unused space that can be turned into a bike or walking path.

Regenerative Design Studios has contributed several high-profile projects in Los Angeles (including the Exposition Light Rail Transit Project Phase 2 from Culver City to Santa Monica; The Sepulveda Parking Structure; The Ishihara Buffer Park Project, and many others). Its mission is to take advantage of natural resources and architectural history to design unique and environmentally friendly public areas that promote and inspire our communities.

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A Call to Communities Across LA: It’s Time to #LeafYourMark

Regenerative Design Studios is seeking to raise awareness  across Los Angeles. #LeafYourMark is a campaign hoping to empower and inspire people to bring needed change to their neighborhoods. Learn how to participate by checking out the RDS team’s feature story in San Pedro Today Magazine!


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Congratulations on the Passage of Measure M

What will the passage of Measure M mean for the future of Los Angeles? In this comprehensive article prepared by Robin and Adam for the Malibu Chronicle, learn how this important new law will improve LA’s infrastructure.

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Train From DTLA To Santa Monica Should Be Running By Spring: LAist

So this AWESOME project we’ve been leading for the past 4 years is finally coming to YOU, the public, (even though MANY a daring bicyclist has been using the adjacent and truly RAD dedicated bikepath!) So come check it out and get OFF the I-10 and leave the commute to Expo II!!!



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RDS attends Pre-Envision Permaculture Tour of Costa Rica

RDS attends Pre-Envision Permaculture Tour of Costa Rica – RDS Permaculture Journal to be published soon!!

News 02-17-15

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60th Annual Beavers Awards Gala

60th Annual Beavers Awards Gala at LA Live at the JW Marriott Hotel & The Ritz Carlton Hotel with Marina Landscape Inc.

WHAT a FABULOUS night!!! Met some of the TOP DOGS of the $60B+ Construction Industry including VPs of AECOM, OHL, etc!!!

Picture this: ~3000 tuxedos & maybe 100 evening gowns!! Felt like a movie star the whole night!!

News 01-17-15

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Partnership applicants to join our company in attendance of the Envision Festival & Permaculture Tour 2015

BIG NEWS: Regenerative Design Studios actively sought partnership applicants to join our company in attendance of the Envision Festival & Permaculture Tour 2015. After a thorough search of qualified candidates, we selected an elite number to receive our very special offer via an Application & required resume of experience.

We are excited to announce that Rooster Shannon was selected to accompany me, after submitting her winning Application and extensive Permaculture Resume to our office, to participate, as a representative of Regenerative Design Studios, in the role of Permaculture Experience Journalist, to the 13-Day 2015 Envision Festival & Permaculture Tour from February 18 – March 2, 2015.

In addition to her participation into the further exploration of permaculture, sustainability and regenerative design, she will be creating a Journal Submission: A submitted bound journal detailing her experience and capturing the permaculture skills gathered during this enterprise, via a collection of mixed-media art, comprised of sketching, photography, poetry, and a detailed log of networking based connections, derived from the many Hands-On Permaculture Workshops & Primitive Skills Education Development Classes offered during the Envision Festival and all Permaculture-based learning events offered during the Pre-Envision Tour. This Journal, which will be submitted to Regenerative Design Studios upon completion of this trip, will substantially convey the basic and deeper concepts of permaculture, especially how it applies to urban farming, large-scale permaculture cooperatives, botanical gardens, civic, private, and educational based entities, and how their practice can be applied to and benefit, both its author and Regenerative Design Studios.

News 11-21-14

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San Pedro may finally get a train!

San Pedro may finally get a train! Way to go LA Councilmember Joe Buscaino!

News 09-03-14

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San Pedro Urban Greening Project’s Open House

For anyone who couldn’t make it to the San Pedro Urban Greening Project’s Open House at People’s Place, at last Thursday’s Art Walk, here are images of the display materials provided by the group. Let’s get involved!

News 06-10-14

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Metro Board Landscaping Concept 60% Native Plants

Metro Board Of Directors Approve 60% Native Plants For Exposition Light Rail Transit Project Phase 2. The Authority brought in a Landscape Architectural Consultant (Regenerative Design Studios) with native plant expertise through its Project Management Contract with URS to review the landscaping designs and recommend native plant alternatives within the current budget. As a result, the landscape contractor for Skanska-Rados, Joint Venture (SRJV) has agreed to implement many of the suggestions which result in an increase of native plants on the project alignment to 60%.

Metro Board Landscaping Concept 60% Native Plants.pdf


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Special Board Meeting

Metro Board Mandate 90% Native Plants. Metro Special Board Meeting, Board Of Directors Phase 2 Native Plant Contract Modification Increase Native Plants to 90% for Exposition Light Rail Transit Project Phase 2. Director Koretz’ motion to support Option 1 to increase the native plants along the alignment to 90%.

Metro Board Mandate 90% Native Plants.pdf


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